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Safer St Helier is an initiative that involves a participative partnership between the community, the Home Affairs Dept and the Parish of St Helier. It began in 2006 when Ian Rogan and Gill Hutchinson who work on the Building a Safer Society Community Safety Strategy from the Home Affairs department began a process of engagement with St Helier parishioners and businesses to address issues of crime and anti-social behaviour in St Helier.

Following a number of focus groups and meetings, members of the community agreed to set up four Community Action Groups with the aim of developing actions plans to address four main issues which had been identified: alcohol and licensing, late-night transport, anti-social behaviour and the perception/fear of crime.

The aim of the Safer St Helier Community Partnership (SSHCP) is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in St Helier by following a few basic principles.

Safer St Helier is community led:

The Safer St Helier Community Partnership and the initiatives it implements is owned and run by members of the community.

Local solutions to local problems:

SSHCP focuses on issues that are most relevant to the communities in St Helier and seeks to implement solutions that are both practical and sustainable for those communities.

Evidence based initiatives:

Every initiative is based upon an in-depth study of the particular issue. Whether it is late-night transport or under-age drinking SSHCP will conduct its own research in order to understand the scale of the problem, understand the impact that it has on the local community and inform interventions.

Monitor & Evaluate:

Each initiative will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it is working as intended and the outcomes are those the SSHCP are seeking to achieve.

Sustainable Projects:

SSHCP is very aware of the damage that so called 'Quick-wins' can do to local communities. Our initiatives are all sustainable long-term programmes aimed at making effective long-lasting changes.

The SSHCP has been involved in setting up, monitoring and evaluating a number of new initiatives including:

Extension of Premises Licence.

Q-Safe Taxi Marshal Scheme.

Alcohol Awareness Raising Campaigns.

Update Alcohol Licensing Law.

Safer St. Helier Community Partnership prepare, submit and present written reports to The Council of Ministers who have been extremely impressed by the outcomes from the group and have thanked all those concerned in the preparation and initiatives contained in the reports.

Colin Russell - chair of the group- said:"We believe, and we hope, that Safer St Helier Community Partnership has achieved what it set out to do. It has helped to reduce crime & anti-social behaviour in St Helier, it has increased feelings of safety for those who live, work and play in our capital and it has achieved this by working with the community, enabling members to develop their own solutions and empowering community members to take ownership not only of the solutions but of the problems".


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