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Safer St Helier Community Partnership (SSHCP) conducted a passenger survey in partnership with the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association in April 2012. The aim was to ascertain the destination and number of passengers who travel in the Taxis from the Weighbridge Rank when the marshals are there on a Friday and Saturday night.

In the month of April 2012 a total of 6,187 passengers travelled from the weighbridge taxi rank during the specified time period 22.30hrs to 03.30hrs (an average of 1547 people per weekend), the largest number (1776) went to destinations in St Helier (29%) , with St Saviour, St Clement and St Brelade( 10-15%) being the next 3 significant parishes.

Whilst the results from this survey are a snapshot over one month, it nonetheless gives a good indication of numbers and destinations for passengers. Over 6,000 people were safely marshalled to the taxis and taken to various parish destinations during the period of the survey. Even though the scheme is run in St. Helier you can see that parishioners from all parishes use this award winning service to ensure that they will get their taxi when it is their turn and are able to queue in safety. *Survey and Report can be downloaded here.*

Grafters sponsored Taxi MarshalsGrafters sponsored Taxi Marshals

The aim of the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal scheme has been to provide supervision for the late night taxi queues at the Weighbridge, in order to minimise queue jumping and associated disorder with a view to making residents and visitors feel safer.

The scheme has been a spectacular success, exceeding the expectation of travellers and taxi drivers alike and reducing levels of crime and disorder in this area by 64% in 2 years. It has won the St Helier Social responsibility award in 2008 and has received recognition by the National Community Safety Network in the UK.

The SSHCP has been working extremely hard to achieve sustainable funding through advertising on and in taxis and through partnership funding with the Home Affairs Department and the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association but unfortunately the Parish of St. Helier withdrew their financial support for 2012.

The results of the passenger survey demonstrates the popularity of the Q-Safe scheme with 72,000 passengers over a twelve month period benefitting from the safety of the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal scheme. It is absolutely incredible that a proven award winning and successful community safety scheme like this is continuously in jeopardy every year through the lack of sustainable funding.

With the results of the passenger survey we approached the twelve Island Parishes to request a contribution toward the cost of the scheme as we have data that shows how many of their parishioners actually use the Taxi Marshals. We are constantly trying to engage with potential sponsors to help fund this hugely successful scheme. The Ministers for Home Affairs continued support of this scheme will enable a potential sponsor to be a funding partner of the Home Affairs Department to ensure the continuity of the Taxi Marshals remaining in service to enhance a vibrant St. Helier night time economy while creating a safe environment while waiting for a Taxi late at night.

If any organisations wish to make a contribution to the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal Scheme or wish to advertise their company on taxis please contact Colin Russell

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