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Safer St Helier is Seeking Members of the Community

Interested in making a difference to your community?

Want to get involved in addressing crime, anti social behaviour and substance misuse?

The award winning SSHCP are looking for people from all walks of life, all ages, with all types of skills.

In particular we would like to hear from people with any of the following skills to work on an awareness raising campaign aimed at addressing underage drinking.

Project management
Community engagement
Polish and Portuguese speakers
Problem solving
Graphic designers
Retail experience particularly off sales.
Experience of working with young people

Please click to express an interest in joining.

The aim of the Safer St Helier Community Partnership (SSHCP) is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in St Helier by following a few basic principles.

Safer St Helier is community led:

The Safer St Helier Community Partnership and the initiatives it implements is owned and run by members of the community.

Local solutions to local problems:

SSHCP focuses on issues that are most relevant to the communities in St Helier and seeks to implement solutions that are both practical and sustainable for those communities.

Evidence based initiatives:

Every initiative is based upon an in-depth study of the particular issue. Whether it is late-night transport or under-age drinking SSHCP will conduct its own research in order to understand the scale of the problem, understand the impact that it has on the local community and inform interventions.

Monitor & Evaluate:

Each initiative will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it is working as intended and the outcomes are those the SSHCP are seeking to achieve.

Sustainable Projects:

SSHCP is very aware of the damage that so called 'Quick-wins' can do to local communities. Our initiatives are all sustainable long-term programmes aimed at making effective long-lasting changes.

The SSHCP has been involved in setting up, monitoring and evaluating a number of new initiatives including:

Extension of Premises Licence.

Q-Safe Taxi Marshal Scheme.

Alcohol Awareness Raising Campaigns.

NITENET™ Radio Surveillance System.

Best Bar None Award.

Update Alcohol Licensing Law.

Sport & Music Events.

Alcohol Exclusion Zones.


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