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Grafters sponsored Taxi MarshalsGrafters sponsored Taxi Marshals

The Safer St Helier Community Partnership has secured a funding partnership for 2012 and are extremely grateful to the contributions received from the following in this difficult economic climate:

States of Jersey

The Ministers of the States of Jersey Home Affairs Department

Jersey Taxi Drivers Association

The Membership of the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association

Jersey Hospitality Association

The Royal Yacht Hotel


Chambers Bar


The contributions received will enable the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal scheme to remain in place from 1 January 2012 up to and including 31 December 2012.

The aim of the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal scheme is to provide supervision for the late night taxi queues at the Weighbridge, in order to minimise queue jumping and associated disorder with a view to making residents and visitors feel safer.

The scheme has been a spectacular success, exceeding the expectation of travellers and taxi drivers alike and reducing levels of crime and disorder by 64 per cent in two years. It won the St Helier Social Responsibility Award in 2008 and has received recognition by the National Community Safety Network in the UK.

If any organisations wish to make a contribution to the Q-Safe Taxi Marshal Scheme or wish to advertise their company on taxis please contact Colin Russell

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